Talk To An Expert


Today, I want to talk about your mouth and what’s actually coming out of it.

I have found out, over the years, that you will receive exactly what you speak out of your mouth; what you say comes out of your heart, and whatever is in your heart is what you believe. I believe that the Word of God is the Truth and it will change your life, so start the saturation process now. 

Remember, Leaders, stay focused on your assignment and stay encouraged!

– Prophet Anthony D Shannon: “The Encourager”


Today’s Title: “You Receive What You Believe!”

I remember years ago, when I was at Eastern Kentucky University, I ran track and our 

4 x 1 relay team had a chance to make the Olympic trials if we ran a certain time. I cannot begin to count the times people told me, “No team from this school has ever run that fast – be careful, because it is highly unlikely that you guys will be able to achieve what you are attempting to do!” This kind of “doom-and-gloom” prediction has been made to EKU more times than we can number, over the years, but we never listened to those people – we just believed in ourselves and God, and we went to the Olympic trials that year! 

I remember saying to the coach, “I believe God, because the Bible says, ‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believe.’” (Mark 9:23). Coach said “Shannon, I believe!” and we all said, “We do too!”

The word “possible” is the Greek word “DUNATA“, which comes from the word “DUNATOS“. “DUNATOS” expresses the idea of “ability; power; one who is able and capable; or one who is competent.” 

The word “DUNATOS” shares the same root with the word “DUNAMIS“, which is the Greek word for “power”. This emphatically tells us that there is a power that causes one to become able, capable, or competent for any task. When this explosive power comes on the scene and begins to operate in an individual’s life, it doesn’t matter how unfit or unqualified he was before: this power energizes him and makes him capable of completing the task before him!

But who is this person who can accomplish impossible feats? Jesus said that all things are possible to him “…that believeth”. The word “believeth” is the Greek word “PISTEUONTI“, which comes from the word “PISTIS“, the Greek word for “faith”. However, when “PISTIS” becomes “PISTEUONTI“, as in this verse, it pictures a person who is believing. This is not someone who once had an experience of faith in the past – rather, this is a person who is presently believing, right now! He didn’t just believe in the past – he is a Believer. His faith is actively reaching forward, right now, to grab hold of what God has promised! His faith is habitually, constantly, consistently, unwaveringly straining forward to take hold of that desired goal he sees before him!  

You see, faith is the spark that ignites the impossible and causes it to become possible. When a person’s faith is activated, it sets in motion supernatural power that enables that person to do what he normally would never be able to do! This is why Jesus said, “IF thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Once faith has been activated -and remains activated – a person becomes enabled and empowered so that he is capable and competent to do whatever it is God has told him to do. That person can even do the impossible! The fact is, in God, all things are possible, so it’s up to me and others on my team to get our thinking in line with God’s Word! As I build up my faith to the level it needs to be for the challenge, I experience an explosion of supernatural power in me that literally carries me over into the realm where impossible things become possible!

Jesus made it very clear: you receive what you can believe. If you believe you can do the impossible, you will do it. But if you do not believe you can do the impossible, you will not do it

TODAY, make up your mind that you are going to go for it, no matter what God tells you to do! Look at Peter: he walked on the water because he believed. President John F. Kennedy sent men to the moon, when everyone said it couldn’t be done, because he believed – and they walked on the moon.

Never underestimate the power of faith! Make sure you are thinking and believing correctly, because what you believe is what you receive! 

May God bless you and keep you always.


My Prayer for You Today:

Father, in the name of Jesus, Lord since Your Word says ‘all things are possible to the one who believes’, I am asking You to help me renew my mind to believe I can do anything You ever ask me to do with my life. Help me to truly understand that there is absolutely nothing impossible to me when I believe! I regret the times I’ve listened to voices of doubt and unbelief who talked me out of the great victories You had in store for me. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, I will shut my ears to the voices of unbelief from this moment forward. I release my faith today to believe that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE for ME to do, as long as You are the ONE asking me to do it! I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus, as You always allow me to minister from a position of Peace, Power, Prosperity and Wisdom! Amen.”


My Confession for You Today:

(taken from the book, “Called to Conquer – Confessions for Conquerors” by Bishop Ben Gibert):

I declare that faith is the victory in my life. Because I believe in the power, promises and personal sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am a conqueror in every challenge of life. I have the victory over situations, circumstances, statistics, the world system and even satanic attacks. I accept the Word of God as truth – until that truth overcomes my situation. I choose to believe the Word of God – until that belief overpowers my circumstances. I believe that statistics don’t apply to me -because God confounds the wisdom of men. I believe that I have been given power over all the power of the enemy and my faith is the evidence of my guaranteed victory. Everyday I will use my faith to weather storms, overcome and reach out for the glory of God.”


Read and stand on: (1 John 5:4-5) MSG, (1 John 5:4-5) AMP


 Remember, Leaders, stay focused on your assignment and stay encouraged!