Live Generously – Anthony Shannon – E-Book


Live Generously!: Responding to God’s Call to Give to Him As We Trust in His Provision for Us



Does God really care what you do with your money?

Even among believers, finances are often considered a private matter, disconnected from social and spiritual life. But the Bible has a lot to say about money, and God’s Word offers wisdom and hope for those who will follow His plan.

Pastor Anthony Shannon’s life was transformed almost thirty years ago when he met Jesus Christ. A native of the Detroit area, Pastor Shannon is founder and senior pastor of The Victory Church International in Westland, Michigan. His experience as a businessman, pastor, prophet, husband, and father has taught and prepared him to share vital truths and practical insights regarding the role of money and importance of generosity in the life of a believer.

This thought-provoking book reveals:

– Biblical principles about money and financial management

– The joy of trusting God to provide and watching Him work

– Right and wrong mindsets about generosity

– The real reasons for tithing

– What it means to be “all in” for God, using your abilities for His kingdom

Application-focused questions and practical action steps following each chapter will help you put these fundamental principles and new understandings into practice.

This world’s approach to money is directly opposed to God’s commands and indifferent to His amazing promises. If you are looking for direction or encouragement about God’s plan for your finances, begin reading Live Generously! today to discover how responding to God’s call to give can change your life.


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